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Hi I am Gie. Nice to meet you.

Here's collection of inspirational design and some of my works

The Innovation of Loneliness




cool motion graphic logo reel





so new beginnings, new resolutions, new ideas. so much has happened to me the past year, and this year, I am taking control! i want to kick start my back-to-work attitude with Making my ideas happen. Attach is my work in progress of 3D head/avatar using Cinema 4D. i aim to finish everything by the end of the week.. I am currently just building it at work during downtown. 

i want to learn modelling in Cinema 4D, i’ve only use Maya before. Please give feedback and suggestions if you are feeling generous, i want to be better! 

till then, be inspired and keep being creative!

- Gie

David Kelley: How to build your creative confidence

A friend of mine passed me this link. A really good talk. It relates to me a lot, i wish i could just break out of it. 

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Abstract Mographs! thank goodness for this post, i really love this style but still learning how to do it. I’ve attached my favorite ones, but check out the article to see others. 

Read the Motionographer Article here

Quick poster I made with words from the song Paranoid Android - Radiohead

Quick poster I made with words from the song Paranoid Android - Radiohead

Kinder Chocolate 'Invention' from Passion Pictures on Vimeo.

Russell Brooke has directed this new spot for Kinder Chocolate with design by award winning artist, illustrator and author Oliver Jeffers.

Found this from:

I am very happy and impressed that he is getting the acknowledgement he deserves! I remember seeing his book for the first time, i was in the library, looking at picture books, before i even started University, back in 2006. I fell in love with Lost and Found. Studio AKA did an amazing retelling of LOST AND FOUND: 

worth a watch. 


ALPHABETIC from BlinkmyBrain" on Vimeo.

CHeck out this cool typographic animation by Ariel Costa, "ALPHABETIC".

I”ve always enjoyed works with funky and fluid animation! its just so poppy and poetic! great use of 2D elements.. but do i detect a hint of 3D there too? very clever. 

truly an inspiration!! 

Inspirational Poster Designs. If people know who are the artists, reblog and let us know!