Inspiration & Progress

Hi I am Gie. Nice to meet you.

Here's collection of inspirational design and some of my works


Calligraphy Book Mock-up by Aleksandr Samochernyi

This nice mock-ups aren’t just photographs with nice logos on it, this are files that you can edit and put your work on it. If you want to present your design layout in a beautiful and aesthetic form, this mock-up will be very helpful to you.

Download the full editable files here:

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(Source: lordeprotector, via transistoric)


Starry nights, Hans Findling



 Towering Giants

Brazilian graffiti artists Os Gemeos who were invited to the Vancouver Biennale to turn six multi-story silos on Granville Island into their trademark ‘Giants.’ The murals on the 70-foot towers are now the largest paintings ever attempted by the pair, an astounding feat considering Os Gemeos completely donated a month of their time to create the non-profit art project.



Church & State Brand Identity
by Tim Praetzel


Space is the place, Heather Penn